How many buildings do you currently provide janitorial services for?

  • As of May 2018 we provide janitorial services for 47 office buildings.

 How many employees do you employ?

  • We employ between 75-80 people.  Our staff consists of janitors, day porters, service technicians, supervisors and managers.  Most of our janitors are part-time and work 2-4 hours per evening, Monday through Friday.

What kind of supervision do you provide?

  • Each building is assigned a supervisor who is responsible for training janitors, inspecting their work and making sure they have enough supplies and properly maintained equipment to provide quality cleaning services.

Do customers have to provide you with cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals?

  • No, we will provide the cleaning chemicals, rags and equipment needed to complete your cleaning needs.

Do you provide us with information about the janitors that will be cleaning our building?

  • When a new janitor is hired we email you with the janitor’s name and picture.

Do you keep SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for all the chemicals that will be used in our building by your staff?

  • Yes, we provide a binder to be kept in the janitor’s closet that contains SDS sheet for all the chemicals we use.  This binder will contain a listing of important phone numbers for our company, the cleaning specifications for your building, and SDS sheets for each chemical.